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Prices of broadband deals with unlimited download limits have come down a lot in recent years. T packages....

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ProviderTitleSpeedUsage LimitMin ContractConnection FeeMonthly CostYear CostAction
Aquiss Broadband Aquiss broadband 24MbUnlimited12 monthsNil£32.00£0.00
3 Mobile Broadband 15G7.2Mb15GB24 monthsNil £15.00£180.00
Be Unlimited(3 months)24MbUnlimited 3 months24£22.00£289
TalkTalk Broadband + Phon24MbUnlimited 18 monthsNil£14.99£179.88

Unlimited Broadband

Prices of broadband deals with unlimited download limits have come down a lot in recent years. The bandwidth allowance given by the providers is also on the increase, thanks to many new ISPs entering the market. Many of us download music, videos and use internet telephone services to save money on our phone calls. Knowing that there is a large bandwidth to use for a set price offers peace of mind that there is unlikely to be nasty surprises when you get the bill. Have a look the unlimited broadband If you are one of the many light-to-moderate users, an unlimited broadband plan (subject to a fair use policy) could be better value. Unlimited broadband is also available from TalkTalk (www.talktalk.co.uk). Under its fair usage policy,

TalkTalk Pro customers have no restrictions on surfing streamed content like BBC iPlayer or online gaming applications. Plusnet's Extra package has an 60GB download allowance, and unlimited overnight downloads. However, it may also experience traffic management at busy times of the day. Visit www.Plus.net for details. For users of the internet who download huge amounts of data, watch streaming high definition videos and surf for most of the day, Unlimited Broadband is a definite benefit. Before you pick one, it is necessary to know certain facts about unlimited broadband. Fair Usage Policy The fair usage policy, which is simply an attempt to keep cyber traffic under control, is a standard across the industry. Based on surveys and studies, it is said that broadband connections for home have a 50:1 contention ratio. Therefore, even if few people in a network are downloading large amounts of data, then the speed for the remaining members in the group is affected. To keep the usage within a level that is acceptable and hence the costs nominal to everyone, all ISPs tend to have a fair usage policy. As a result, access speeds may be limited at specific times of the day when peak traffic is expected or download capping might occur when the service is used excessively. Typical Penalties If you are downloading excessively, you might be encouraged to cut down your internet usage. Though not immediately, your provider will probably get in touch with you after a month or two. Depending on the terms of your ISP, either one of these can happen - •

Your connection can be throttled, therefore limiting the amount that can be downloaded • Usage restriction during peak times • Charges for your excess usage • Access restrictions to peer-to-peer sites. To the utmost, the ISP might terminate your contract, thus cutting off your internet permanently until you get a new connection. Know how to avoid Penalties This is simply about when you use it and not how you use it. If you are a truly heavy downloader or an ardent online gamer, you can try downloading when minimum traffic is expected in your network. You can also keep track of your monthly downloads. This way you can still download as much as you require, without causing problems for the others. If you feel that you have been penalised incorrectly and if you are unable to settle this with your ISP, you can get in touch with Otelo, the telecommunication industry’s watchdog. Who offer Unlimited Broadband Virgin Media, Orange, O2, TalkTalk, Sky, Be Broadband, BT and a lot other providers offer unlimited broadband deals and packages.

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