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Pipex dates back to 1991 - around the time that the internet started to explode in popularity. It has a history in dial-up and hosting but it is Pipex broadband that has really put the company on the map and it is the fourth largest provider of broadband services in the UK now that it is owned by Tiscali. Just as Pipex was at the forefront of internet technologies back in 1991, Pipex broadband is now a leader in the changing direction of how we use our telecommunications services with many phone deals tied in with its broadband packages. Who is PIPEX broadband ideal for? Pipex appears to have catered for all users with its range of packages. The hometime and anytime deals will attract callers who want to make savings on their phone bills based on when they traditionally make calls. Pipex Mini is a good starter package that has a perfectly adequate download cap for the majority of users while Pipex Max is aimed at professionals that are constantly online. What do you need to get PIPEX broadband? * A Pipex or BT home phone line (not available on Kingston Communications or cable). * A computer with a CD-ROM drive. * A USB modem or a wireless router . You can get a free modem and two free micro filters with the Pipex starter pack. * Windows 98 or higher; or Mac 8.6, 9.x, 10.x up to and including 10.3. What else does PIPEX have to offer? All of the Pipex broadband packages come with a free modem, free connection and anti-virus software and firewall. If you choose to take out the anytime call package with your broadband deal, Pipex proudly boasts that you can make savings up to 33% on mobile calls compared to BT; and savings up to 98% on international calls. There is no denying that these are value-for-money packages, particularly for anyone looking to tie in a phone deal. Pipex is one of the fastest growing providers in the UK and has earned recognition for rewarding customer loyalty. So this might be one provider worth joining for the long-haul.

ProviderTitleDownload LimitSpeedMonthly CostDetail
Pipex Broandband PremiumUnlimited24Mb£32.00
Pipex Broandband Lite Unlimited24Mb£14
Pipex Broandband Premium Unlimited24Mb£49.00
Pipex Broandband ProUnlimited24Mb£19.50

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