Talktalk Broadband

f you sign up to TalkTalk broadband bundle, you will get free broadband with 8Mb download speed and a huge 40GB usage allowance. These attractive call plans allow you to make unlimited international anytime calls to 36 locations on the globe and the calls to mobiles in the USA and Canada are also relatively cheaper. The main difference between these two premium packages is that Talk Global Anytime call plan offers unlimited, anytime calls to anywhere in the UK and selected international destinations while Talk Global Evening & Weekend package offers unlimited evenings and weekend calls to anywhere in the UK. TalkTalk also offers free modem, free online protection, free 2 months access to Setanta Sports and a Freeview box. If you switch to their broadband deals, you will get free one month broadband.

ProviderTitleDownload LimitSpeedMonthly CostDetail
TalkTalk Broadban + PhUnlimited 24Mb £11.49
TalkTalk Broadband+ PhUnlimited24Mb £14.99
Special offer-Free connec40GB up to 24Mb£6.99
TalkTalk Broadband 40GB 24Mb£10.99
TalkTalk Broadband + Anyt40GB24Mb£7.75
TalkTalk Broadband + PhonUnlimited 24Mb£14.99
TalkTalk Broadband + Phon40GB24Mb £6.99

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